Refined Sugar Alternatives

In the era of processed food, it’s hard to know what kind of sweeteners are better than others. We want to talk to you about choosing sweeteners with the least amount of process possible.

It might seem like a daunting task, but with this guide you should be making tasty desserts that are healthier in no time!



Honey is a great way to sweeten things, especially since it has other health benefits as well. It’s anti-microbial, heart-healthy and even has anti-inflammatory effects. Make sure to grab local honey, since it’s said to help with seasonal allergies.

Add it to yogurt, smoothies, dressings, baked goods, marinades, and more!

Agave Nectar


This low glycemic sweetener is great since it doesn’t lead to blood sugar spikes. It’s derived from a plant, so it’s healthier than refined sugar and easy to mix into recipes.

Add it to any cooking in place of sugar, since it has a long shelf life.

Coconut Sugar


This unrefined sugar holds all its vitamins and minerals due to minimal processing, so it’s said to be better for your system to digest. Similar to agave, it doesn’t lead to a spike in blood sugar.

Use it in cooking as a perfect 1:1 replacer for white or brown sugar. Pop it into a food processor for baking, since it tends to be on the coarse side.

Maple Syrup


And no, Aunt Jemima doesn’t count! Real maple syrup, collected straight from the source, is said to have a lot of health benefits from antioxidants to vitamins to minerals. Make sure to check labels for 100% pure maple syrup. We carry many locally sourced options!

Use it in smoothies, baking, dressings, and on your pancakes in place of processed syrups.

Raw Cane Sugar


The last one is perhaps most obvious, but choosing unrefined raw sugar instead of white processed sugar is the way to go. It still contains the molasses and moisture from the sugar cane plant, so you’re consuming less sugar and calories per serving.

Use it as a 1:1 replacement for white sugar in recipes. Because it’s coarse, we recommend popping it in the food processor for smooth granules.

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